ANTM Model Annaliese Dayes Matches Kkira Feet’s Shuri Boots with the Ivy Park x Adidas Collection in a Stunning Photoshoot

Annaliese Dayes is a model, TV and radio presenter, and voice-over artist, and last week she stunned us with a photoshoot featuring Kkira Feet’s very own Shuri boots paired with items from  the Adidas x Ivy Park collection.

Ivy Park is an athleisure brand created by the iconic pop star Beyoncé. Earlier this year, she partnered with Adidas to launch their third collaborative collection titled “ICY PARK.” The collection features bold patterns and striking colors for their wintery street wear. 

Annaliese proved in this photoshoot that even among fashion giants, small brands can still make a statement. Annaliese is a professional model who can certainly spot quality in her clothing, and she decided that the Shuri boots were on par with Ivy Park and Adidas. 

When Mauryn Kkira asked her what she likes about the boots, Annaliese said that they are first and foremost super comfortable. She plans to wear the shoes much more often when the pandemic is over. Annaliese is also not one to shy away from clashing patterns and colors. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why she loves the Shuri boots. It’s not easy to find shoes that aren’t afraid to break a few rules! 

At Kkira Feet, we believe that everyone deserves a voice, but all too often, women–especially women of color–are left out of vital conversations. That’s why it’s so important for us to support and uplift each other, and that’s exactly what Annaliese has done in this photoshoot by giving a small brand like Kkira Feet a chance to prove ourselves.

Annaliese Dayes reminds us that we are stronger when we support each other, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Shop our Shuri boots here.

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