First Spring Photoshoot of 2021 - Done!


This week is the launch of our spring collection! We have been doing so much in preparation for this exciting week and can not wait for you all to see the beautiful shoes that are being released. One of the ways our team prepares for a launch is by shooting content for our website and socials.  A couple of weeks ago we had our team meet down on the Charles River Esplanade, hoping for some beautiful sun and spring weather. Instead what we were met with was windy 40-degree weather. However, no one seemed too bothered by the weather as we were just excited to see the shoes!

Personally, I wasn’t sure which pair of shoes I would be wearing before I got to the shoot and when I opened up the box to see the beautiful platform stilettos I was both awestruck by how beautiful they were and terrified because I had never worn a pair of shoes like that before. Each of us peeled out of our warm jackets one at a time and slipped on our shoes when it was our turn and joined our amazing photographer Sylver by the water. I went first and when I put on my shoes I felt a confidence start exuding from me that I don’t usually have and after a few unstable first steps I had gotten the hang of them and was comfortably walking up and down the bike path. Behind the scenes of all the pictures was a group of such warm and comforting people that were so encouraging to each person that was in front of the camera and I was amazed by how comfortable I felt even though modeling is something I have never done before. The whole team never seemed to fall short on hyping up whoever was having their photo taken and someone was always ready with a jacket once we were done shooting. Click here to see our behind-the-scenes video to get an idea of what I am talking about!

None of this would have been possible without the creative direction of our incredible designer Mauryn. When she plans a shoot she has a vision in her head of what she is looking for and I have never seen someone so able to perfectly execute something as she was able to. When planning what to wear for the shoot she sent one text with a potential outfit idea for me, not knowing if I even had any of the pieces she was suggesting, but when I found what she was describing and put them all on it was a great outfit that made me feel comfortable and confident enough to be in front of a camera.  Being able to see the shoes in person, and to touch and turn them over and actually wear them made me realize how much thought is put into every one of the designs and I was bursting with excitement to be able to be involved. I can’t wait for you to see the collection which is launching today! Head over to our website and take a look!

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