Introducing the Kkira Feet Color Splash Challenge

Though we embrace those who do, we know not everyone is comfortable styling themselves with a bunch of different colors and patterns. One thing that is very important to us is that you dress as your most authentic self, and if that means you only wear a drop of color in your outfit, then we support you and are here for it! Our shoes go perfectly with all outfits, from black and white to animal print and neon. That’s part of what makes them so awesome! We want to encourage you to add your splash of color to an outfit using your Kkira Feet shoes! Whether you just prefer a classic outfit, or you’re just starting to incorporate color into your wardrobe, shoes are a great way to add that pop of pattern or bright color.

To that end, we have the perfect opportunity for you to start experimenting with your use of color and it is through this month’s social media challenge!  Wanna guess the theme? If you guessed something to do with a splash of color, you are right!  Our August challenge theme is “a splash of color.”  

We want you to have fun by sprucing up a classic outfit with your colorful Kkira Feet shoes!  In the event that you need an incentive, we hope a $150 gift card to put towards your next pair of shoes is not too shabby! Yep, you read that right! The winner of this challenge will win said gift card, so get to playing! Send in your submissions by August 27th by tagging us on facebook, Instagram and Twitter and using the hashtag #ColorSplashKkiraFeetChallenge.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with and wish you so much fun as you explore any personal splashes of color you discover while you play.

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