Lebanon has faced many hardships since their transfer of power from France in 1944. They have been involved in civil wars, faced invasions, witnessed assassinations of leaders, experienced refugee crisis, border crisis, and the most recent being mass protests, the Covid-19 lockdown last year, and the biggest non-nuclear explosion in history. Amidst all this, Lebanon is fighting for statehood, but the recent assassination of Hariri, who was the Sunni prime minister credited to rebuilding postwar Islam, this statehood goal is facing multiple setbacks.


As a company, we are committed to bringing awareness to the various issues affecting different people and populations around the world because our biggest commitment is to people being free to be themselves. Being that we are a shoe company, we want to find ways to give voice to these issues and one way we have created to help us do that is to use our Fashion with a Cause Collection to raise money to support causes that directly impact some of these issues in a positive way. To that end, we though we would introduce you to the Amal loafer. It is inspired by Lebanon's flag colors and our way of standing in solidarity with Lebanon and all that they are struggling with. Lebanon is a beautiful country with a rich historical background and culture. The colors of the shoe are green, white and red, representing the colors in the Lebanese flag. The flag has two red stripes, one white stripe and a tree. The red stripes represent the blood shed of liberation, the white represents peace, and the green cedar tree stands for steadiness and prosperity. The flag was adopted in 1943 right before the transfer of power from France.

When you buy a pair of Amals, 20% of the proceeds will go to helping Lebanon’s people as they work to recover from the many challenges they are currently facing. It may not sound like much, but if we all do something small, the culmination of efforts will help greatly. Like most things, it is a process and it will take time, but we are committed to do whatever we can to help and invite you to join us in doing the same. We stand in solidarity with Lebanon. #DoGoodLookGoodFeelGreat.


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