Show Your Mom a Little Extra Love This Mother’s Day

We all know how important moms are, and yet we tend to take advantage of just how much they really do for us. As we grow up, moms are there to support us, teach us things like how to cook and clean and basically not die, slap on a band-aid and a kiss when we fall and scrape our knee, and be our closest confidante and most trusted ally no matter the age. Even well into our adult years, they act as moral support and stability. Some of you might be thinking, “but that’s what moms are for… right?” Maybe, but how much have our moms given us at the expense of their own free time and happiness? 

This Mother’s Day (and every day) we want to help celebrate the hard work and sacrifices that our moms have made. Seriously, have you ever thought about how badass moms are? Moms who work full-time jobs while supporting their kids, Moms who never let up on that grind by pushing their kids in a stroller while jogging, Moms who give up their jobs and professional lives to be at home and make sure they are there for their kids as they grow, whatever category they fall in, they are SUPERHEROES disguised as Mums. Each and every mother is unique and shows their love in different ways both big and small and the day we take each year to acknowledge that is only a few days away, so we thought we would give you an idea in case you were still struggling with how to shine their glorious and amazing light back on them.

As Mother’s Day approaches you may begin to feel the stress of making sure you have the perfect gift, and we get it! I mean what do you get the person who is literally responsible for your very existence as a thank you? We are right there with you. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t a gift that can fully show sufficient gratitude for how much our mothers do for us and the truth is that there really isn’t! So should we try one more mug or candle? Maybe this time go out of your way and get them something really awesome! How about a gorgeous pair of shoes that will not just make her smile, but that will tell her that she is worth the splurge! They are on their feet a lot, doing all manner of superhero world-saving things, so maybe something comfortable and good for her feet is one way to tell her you see her, you know how hard she works, and even though you are not able to quantify what she is worth in any way, you can say thank you, in a way that will certainly make her feel special! So give the gift of a beautiful, happy-making, comfy pair of shoes that says Thank you for being an Amazing Mum! 

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