Wear What You Want!

Wear What You Want! 
Winter is here and we are excited for all the brand new opportunities to express ourselves! 
We fully believe in the art of self expression even in the dead of winter which is often a time that most of us would rather hibernate.
Our motto this season is ‘Snow Winter Who’s Boss’ and I for one have already had some practice in the art of bossing up!
I recently had the first hand experience of discovering the power that a good outfit has on my confidence and I would love to share it with you! We have all heard people make references to what it’s like when you wear clothing and accessories you enjoy. They say that feeling radiates into your outlook, attitude, and even your identity!
As an intern here at Kkira Feet, I had first hand experience in the power a good outfit has on you when I got the opportunity to participate in our winter collection photoshoot that featured a ‘virtual runway’ theme. I gave Mauryn Kkira, creator and designer, a tour through my closet and she curated funky and outgoing outfits I would have never imagined being possible within the confines of my small closet. As someone who strictly dresses in black, white, and neutrals I’m a newbie when it comes to complimenting colors and clashing patterns.  
Going into the photoshoot I was nervous but determined to make the best out of it. It was a cold Friday morning so I put on some red lipstick, curled my hair and trekked across Boston Commons, outfits in hand. Once we unpacked, set up, and rehearsed, it was time to get dressed. 
As corny as it sounds, it’s almost as if the clouds parted when I got into the first look. The 40 degree weather didn’t seem to bother me in my corduroy skirt and chunky sweater. Then, stepping into a pair of Christina’s was a whole other level of newness to me. 
Being someone who religiously wears black sneakers, the 5 inch wedge seemed like an impossible feat to me. However, stepping into these vibrant heels I turned into a whole other version of myself. One who struts in public and wears colorful fedoras. Meeting this new version of myself was unexpected but exciting. 
Getting into the next look for the shoot created a whole different vibe. I found some familiarity dressed in jeans and sneakers; however, the top (or should I say tops) were a whole other story. Styling a turtleneck under a button up under a jean jacket under an oversized scarf was a whole new ballgame to me. Who knew this many layers were allowed? This was a brand new outfit and overall style to me, even though all the items were still from my closet. I still felt a sense of familiarity in my own clothes but looked like a whole different version of myself. Styled under a giant fur bomber hat and with a pair of colorful ‘Simi’s’ my ultar ego remerged and was ready to play again. Now, instead of strutting, I was dancing down the paths of the Boston Gardens without a care in the world and absolutely no concern for who might see! There is evidence of this on video, I promise! 
This experience has opened me up to the possibilities that are within my current closet as well as created a curiosity in me about the different versions and parts of me that I wasn’t aware I had. The immediate effect dressing boldly had on my confidence was empowering. Just a simple change in my wardrobe had a contagious effect on my personality and outlook on the day overall. 
Though I won’t be giving up my basic mom jeans and white tee on a day to day basis, I know now that I have options for expressing and discovering myself in new and unexpected ways, regardless of whether I find myself at my next impromptu fashion show or just a basic day that needs an infusion of the unexpected.
Fashion isn’t about keeping up with the latest trends, it's about expressing your inner self to truly manifest your beautiful authentic being. Of course that comes with the added bonus of freedom and empowerment which make it so much easier to take on the world. 
There’s no question, looking good makes you feel good! Our new collection is designed to help you discover and experience that.
As Bette Midler said, “I firmly believe that with the right footwear, one can rule the world.” So embrace your confident self and ‘Snow Winter Who’s Boss’ this season with the help of our winter collection that can now be found in our shop!

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