Add a pop of color, a dash of freedom, crank up the heat and Voila! You have a Sizzling Dish of Spicy Self Expression! Best served Unapologetically!

So, I am sitting in front of my computer…

it’s hour number two going on three for about the fifth or sixth time and I can’t find one pair of basic everyday shoes that inspires me. There are so many to choose from but I can’t find just one that is even close to being an expression of me. I feel so uninspired, exhausted, blah and frankly I am over it! I am so clear at this point that I have no desire to spend any more time looking for shoes that I love and something’s gotta give. So I have a thought, ‘What if I just create my own shoe brand? What if I create a brand of shoes that inspires people to explore, discover, embrace and express who they truly are? What would life and the world look like if more people were freely self expressed, and they could just live it everyday through the shoes that they wore?’

I have never pondered this question in this way and for the first time, I take the time to picture it! I can actually see it! It’s fun, colorful, playful, filled with ease, and just a delight to be in. People are happy in their bodies, and they are free to share that with the world. They are not just happy; they are content! But most of all, they are at peace! They don’t want to be someone else, they love being themselves, and they love that other people are themselves too. They feel safe because they don’t have to hide, or fear that they aren’t good enough or that someone else is better than them, because it is clear that it would be like comparing apples to oranges. They are empowered and confident and are not threatened by other people being different from them - in fact they enjoy their differences and the adventures they bring with them! They are alive and they are thrilled to share it and that’s all they can do! They couldn’t be miserable if they tried because life is bliss!

I am in love! I am in love with the world I see! I want that world to be real and I want it to be the world that we live in today. I want to live in this world where it is wonderful for every human being to just be thrilled and content to be who they are and for all the others to be thrilled for them! I have to do something to make that dream come true!

That was it! I had to do it. It was no longer an option not to. I wanted it with every fiber of my being! That day, I created Kkira Feet. A shoe brand designed to empower people to transform themselves and their lives into the most authentic version of themselves and to do it unapologetically! For there is no greater bliss than knowing and truly loving one self!

Welcome to the most magical days of your life!

With all the love I can send out to you and all the world,


Your Unconditional Self-Love Fairy Godmother!