As you know, our beautiful shoes are made in Italy which is one of the countries that has been hit really hard by covid-19. As a result, production has been scaled down and running slower than it otherwise would. We ask that you be patient through the waiting process and support us and our brothers and sisters in Italy by continuing to place orders despite the drop in production speed.

Currently we estimate that we will have all orders caught up by the 3rd week of May as we are working really hard to get caught up. Please know that we are being very careful in making sure that the entire production team is safe and so far the entire team is safe.


  • Continue to place orders to support us as we try to support them through this difficult time.

  • Be patient as you wait for your order to be delivered to you. You will receive an email when your shoes are in production as well as when they are out and ready for shipping.

  • Share with your friends and families when you place an order and encourage them to do the same to support the Italian economy which has take a huge hit from this pandemic.

  • Wear your shoes out and share them on social media and tag us on Facebook and Instagram whenever you wear them!

  • Send our team and our brothers and sisters in Italy some love and healing energy.

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