Kkira Feet Reviews

Got the shoes this morning! Perfect Fit! Can't wait to wear them!

Mark Bryan

Hey!!! Thank you so much for checking in! Just FYI I’m taking a break from insta but just wanted to say I absolutely ADORE my Kkira shoes…they are my fav! Once I get a little more $$ I am absolutely buying my next pair (or two 😀) so many new styles I love!!!!!

Maura O.

Mauryn, The shoes are great. I've been taking them out for walks and they're wonderful. Thank you so much. I was a worship associate at church on Sunday and I wore them with all black and a really cool scarf. Love the look! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jody L.

My 60th birthday tonight!The shoes are the star!

Jody L.

Everyone LOVED your shoes! I was so proud to tell them they are from a local WoC designer!

Beca O.

I'm GOOD. They're amazing. I feel cunty AF in them. 😍🤩

Beca O.

Hi, I got the Diana stiletto today, and they look amazing!!! 💕 I’m totally in love with them! Thank you so much for this unique, beautiful pair of shoes!!! 😍❤️🔥


I took the kids to school today and I was wearing your shoes...and a couple of people complimented me. I told them they were designed by a local woman and one of them said, ‘Wait are these the ones that start with a K? I’ve been seeing them on facebook!’

Julie G

These shoes are for showing off! People love your shoes! Insane how many comments people have made! And are now going to your site!

Ronen G

Wore your shoes again tonight and just love them and I am so glad I have them. 

Louise A

Came home to the BEST surprise today!! I LOVE them so much thank you again!! ❤️❤️

Abby K

I am in the process of making my own website and I had a photoshoot a couple weeks ago - and had several pics taken with your sneakers on! : ) I love the sneakers!

Caitlin C.

Thank you so so much! I love these shoes so much! The wedding was beautiful and the shoes are coming on the honeymoon!!! :) Thank you again!

Syrus Marcus Ware

So, I ordered a third pair of shoes. I know, I am obsessed with every shoe you make. I wore the Still I Rise ones to dinner last night. You feel gorgeous and strong with them on.  They absolutely are infused with your energy and vibe. I am so excited for my next pair!!

Christine M.

I am really impressed by the comfort of your shoes. In fact I kept them on through the edit and posting and just now took them off to help my wife bring in the groceries! Also forgot to mention the really cool box!

Mark Bryan

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