Atma Prema by Kkira


Atma Prema in Sanskrit means Unconditional Self-love. Much like our shoes, our apparel line is inspired by a desire to give our customers permission to embrace and express who they are in the boldest, and funnest of ways. Consider this your invitation to our Dopamine Dressing Party because we only live by one Fashion rule: Wear what makes you happy! Because, why on earth wouldn't you?  
While we are all about freedom in fashion, there are a number of other things we care about, and ethical fashion and sustainability are high up on our list! For that reason, all our garments are ethically and sustainably made and only printed to order to minimize waste. While we love fashion and all the awesome things that it allows, we are committed to being responsible in how we participate in our industry. We will continue to thrive to do even better as we learn and grow and look forward to having you join us in this fantastical and honored journey! In the mean time, here is to all the dopamine we can conjur up and infuse into this beautiful world of ours! Here is to a world filled with Atma Prema!