Where Will You Wear Your Kkira Feet Shoes


We get through life by taking steps. Whatever these steps may be and wherever they take us, they carry us through every aspect of our lives. Steps are crucial to our daily living and to our growth as people. We have heard it said often that the first steps are always the hardest, but what if you had a pair of shoes (or many different pairs) that empowered you to take your first steps into any situation, no matter how uncomfortable or important. Finding the perfect pair of shoes that brings out our fiercest steps is often underestimated, but so important. Of course the shoes themselves don’t make the steps for us, but they are a mode of transportation, a layer of confidence, and they are what we use to ensure that our big and little steps are groundbreaking. 


There are so many ways that we view fashion, but we think that the most amazing thing about it is that we are in control of what we put on our bodies. We get to tell a whole story about who we are through what we wear. We can use fashion to make us feel powerful and confident, and more specifically, the shoes we put on our feet pave the way for our day and our lives. Shoes are what carry us from our homes to our jobs, to the store, to a friend's house, to a presentation and to...you get the idea. Wearing a pair of shoes that makes you feel like you are ready to literally step outside of your comfort zone is as empowering as having already stepped out of your comfort zone!

So, to that end, we are curious to know. Do you have  a favorite pair of shoes that empowers you? Is there a pair of Kkira Feet Shoes that empowers and emboldens you? Where are you going to wear it to take on the world? Take our gorgeous shoes named Caroline, for example. Where would you wear these shoes to ensure that you feel like your most powerful, authentic, and confident self. Would you wear them to a graduation party, your first dinner date, a long awaited reunion, on the subway or to be a speaker at your first ever presentation? That is the beautiful thing about our shoes. They are made and designed so that YOU get to choose where you will wear which shoes you will make life changing steps in. We are so curious, we created a game on our Instagram Stories to get to know you more! Tell us where you are going to wear your Kkira Feet Shoes!! Visit our instagram every Wednesday around 3pm ET to tell us. 

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